HOLE HEALING TRANSPORT (filling the voids making the body WHOLE from any ailment or dis-ease including cancer) God willing and only by God’s Grace.

Hole healing is our premier offering for those that understand true healing in our time requires not an expert in the medical field but more like an expert in forensics, to retrace where the toxins were picked up and where they were deposited in the vessel that was at once whole and holy by God’s Grace.

It’s retracing the scene of the crime of where the toxins were deposited that leads to solving the injustice of their ingestion, which leads to victory once again over the vessel lent to us by God. This offer like all of the offerings at Sufi911 procures for you the swiftest routes of recovery from dis-ease that we have seen anywhere in the world, because we just don’t have time for anything less than the least (in terms of time).

If you are having trouble finding help from any of the “mysterious” ailments or symptoms of our time, well join this club and wake up to a brand new day of discovery of what really works to get to the other side.

The teaching/training will give you much more confidence with the best guarantee that you will be successful in your own healing by God’s Grace.  We stand by our service of bringing you to full healing—God willing— only with our teaching, simply because the healing comes from fully understanding the dosing, the concepts, the transmission of our instructions to you with full follow up.  Then we can offer our full guarantee, as our confidence, in the end, for full healing for you is based not so much on the products we direct you to, but the synergistic effects of implementation we describe to you.



***NOTE:  Due to the toxins constantly changing, even the routes of toxins constantly in flux, we highly recommend you keep on the monthly call until you are fully aware and taught through our sessions what to look for in terms of the sources of our dilemma in proliferating diseases.  Also anytime you experience once again more symptoms, you will need to get back on a monthly call to be informed of where the new toxicity exposures may be and what the new solutions are, as unfortunately we are being bombarded and must keep abreast of it all. We promise to keep you abreast of what works best in the shortest timeframe, as we do thousands of hours of legwork to transmit the top tier to you.

$999 four hours teaching/month.

Guarantee of refund for first month is minus 20% admin costs and only for first month if not completely satisfied. No refund for subsequent months.


$999 per month