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Those grounded in Scriptures especially in our time, have a sense of balance and fortitude, whereas everyone else walks in fear not being able to make sense of the senseless.  Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, had said that in a pandemic the sick should  quarantine, but that in all reality there really is no contagion (as nothing happens without the will of God). Also according to Islamic belief, when Jesus, peace be upon him, returns his breath will kill the beast (Dajjal), interestingly enough! It’s like saying to the Chief Liar, you want to scare people about a virus?!  I’ll give you the virus of your demise


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The answer to clear oneself not just from covid but from just about any infection including life threatening co infections is contained in this ebook.

We promise you this secret item is easily available to everyone in every corner of the globe.  You do have easy access to it, even if you live in a hut or a hamlet.  But we also know that you have been either prevented or hauntingly paralyzed from utilizing it by the fear propaganda machine. In reality it has been used to heal everything from gum disease to saving limbs from amputation. 

We have taught hundreds how to utilize it successfully even for solving sepsis. That alone has allowed us in the last 15 years to do something hospitals divest themselves of trillions with no solution in sight. Without a multi million dollar budget, we have saved the people we served in the last 15 years, millions of dollars, by using just this one item, preventing surgeries and hospital stays, and helping to discharge people from the emergency rooms back into their exercise rooms, just from this one ingredient/item alone. 

Even if you think you already know what item we are referring to, we can guarantee to you, you do not have the pudding of proof, which is the difference between taking a horse to water and whispering him to drink.  There are countless routes this item can be used by the people willing to help themselves to their birthright, to heal themselves, without waiting for someone in a lab coat to do it for them.  The divulge is in the details.


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