Miracle Black Seed Water Concentrate.

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Special introduction to our latest miracle in a bottle

To prove our dedication to your health and to honor the legacy of Dr. Rashid Buttar, God have mercy on him, we are offering this for humanity so we can help each other get well.

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This is our mBBC—MIRACLE, blessed black seed concentrate

made from ORMES white powder black seed.  Ormes are orbitally restructured monoatomic elements-miraculous and no chemical processing.

The reason why many products do not work as well as they can is not so much the ingredients but the PROCESSING.
For instance why are the breakfast cereals so horrific for health? By the time the processing is complete, what arrives at your table is barely a food, in fact, some studies have shown cardboard is more nutritious than certain boxed products we eat.
For many mBBC is allowing more options than standard abx for assisting themselves in conquering infections/afflictions as an adjunct with our ICO drops. There is a wide application range just as with our ICO drops, but the main extra boost is with pathogens and especially for directly spraying on any skin issues.