We at Sufi 911 are not physicians nor practitioners but we are observers and implementers of whatever works for health in the swiftest amount of time, with the least harm and the most benefit.

We are led by Asra Adiba who has travelled the world over in the past 15 years, leaving no stone unturned, nor leaving anyone behind that truly wanted help and was willing to do the work to unravel their health mystery.

Asra believes we don’t need experts in medicine as much as we need experts in forensics to study the scene of the crime.  The crime being whatever was ingested that was an injustice to the body.  She says many times finding health means unfollowing the road to unhealth; picking up and replacing the pills that piled up along the way.



For example, ever wonder why joint problems are ubiquitous? Try replacing hypertensive medications with some alternatives that resolve it and the fringe benefit just might be smoother joints and no more knee pain.   Once you unfollow the yellow brick road that led to dis-ease, you may find that the ‘side diseases’ slough off.

Asra’s background is in psychology, nutrition and emergency medicine but she says her real qualification is that ‘mother is the necessity for successful intervention’.  That is what led her on this journey:  to bring wholesome solutions for her children and family, and share the solutions to ease and erase the suffering.


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