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We offer beyond effective wholesome medicinal goods to generate revenue to fund our humanitarian works and social outreach. The proceeds are to keep our operation in flow to serve and showcase humanity their unadulterated birthright of health and well being without harm.

Please do not purchase our products if you do not understand that we are saving you thousands if not millions with our carefully curated products that took us two decades and millions in cost, energy and time to reproduce. Please compare the bargain we all are getting here in comparison to even other holistic routes of healing, which are viable but more time consuming and out of reach to the masses due to cost, like hyperbaric chambers, IV infusions, the myriad of machines and modalities that we ourselves have investigated through the years to sift through the chaff and produce the grain for you.

We are not physicians and the products are not meant to replace your standard of care with your individual physicians but are your self healing options while you wait for your doctor to figure it out.

For OPTIMAL results, we HIGHLY recommend you sign up for our Mentoring calls to enhance and get optimal results from our product line and if needed to get suggestions for tweaking dosages of our products or intriguing off label uses and/or in the rare cases of adding other products we don’t carry, if needed for more nuance or more mysterious symptoms or ailments.

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mBBC Miracle Black Seed Concentrate


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This is our mBBC—MIRACLE, blessed black seed concentrate

made from ORMES white powder black seed.  Ormes are orbitally restructured monoatomic elements-miraculous and no chemical processing.
The reason why many products do not work as well as they can is not so much the ingredients but the PROCESSING.
For instance why are the breakfast cereals so horrific for health? By the time the processing is complete, what arrives at your table is barely a food, in fact, some studies have shown cardboard is more nutritious than certain boxed products we eat.
For many mBBC is allowing more options than standard abx for assisting themselves in conquering infections/afflictions as an adjunct with our ICO drops. There is a wide application range just as with our ICO drops, but the main extra boost is with pathogens and especially for directly spraying on any skin issues.
Ingredients:Ultra Pure Water, Sodium chloride, White powder ormes black seed.




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Structured Proteins on Steroids


What is the number one go to medication? Steroids. Why? They tame inflammation instantly. Introducing the world’s first Holistic Steroids [no side effects]. What do you want to fix in your body? Use for few weeks and report to us the results. For our trial members, after few weeks/months regular use, they have already seen, by God’s Grace, repaired knees, joints, regrowth of long lost hair, color restored, restoring the brain to normalcy [healing mental illnesses and cognitive decline] loss of cellulite, smooth muscles rebuilt including internal valves, pumps, veins, vascular integrity. Regenerate anything in your body and then you tell us what SoS stands for after taking them. Absolutely essential for brain health.
Stave off Senility
Stay off the spectrum
Slowly off SSRIs [with Dr’s guidance]
Strike off Spike proteins
Save our Seniors 
Save our Sensitive
Sit or Stand [Help yourself out of bed]
Stay off Statins
Skip or Sing

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Bio Ready Rice Fuel


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ICE Intensive Care Energy Rice 75g Fuel Bottle

Our BioReady Rice Fuel is 100% instantly bioavailable at the cellular level without requiring digestion so the body can use it for fuel as is. For repair or detox or regeneration, whatever priority your individual body has, in the moment. This is why everyone has a different effect, it’s automatically custom tailored to what your body needs. The sky is the potential in terms of what can be repaired, rejuvenated and healed as many of our customers have liberated their bodies to lithe levels of youth, from the inside out and also used it to soothe the skin externally to soothe and reverse aging lines.

We have been getting incredible reports of self healing from dire diagnoses, everything from Alzheimer’s, Autism, Bipolar Symptoms to Cancer, Arthritis & Diabetes. Help yourself to some Rice Fuel, it’s 100% functional FOOD.
75 g in a bottle, lasts about one month if taking 1/2 tsp per day.

ICO Drops


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ICE Intensive Care ICO 2oz Drops

Watch and Observe your 02 levels with Our 2 oz bottle of Electrifying 02 Drops.  The single most crucial aspect of modern ailments is to watch 02 levels. Don’t leave home without it. Seriously. Our customers have helped themselves even in emergencies, while waiting for ER technicians to come, by taking these drops and raising their 02 levels. Even better is to take daily as prevention. 5 drops is our recommended dosage for maintenance. For addressing acute and chronic ailments, we would increase to 5-10 drops in liquid of your choice, 3-5x/day. Watch, listen and respond to your body as it guides you to your own healing requirements.

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Energy Stabilizer Band


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contains one energy stabilizer band


Stabilizing the unwelcome static electricity and EMFs around us is a crucial aspect of our health. There are many products to minimize all of this but consumers can become stupefied addressing every aspect of all the EMFs around. We make it simple, plug in while you sleep and stay stable each day. Purchase a grounding tester so you can plug it in the right outlet that is grounded. Simple, Easy and the side effect for many is Sound Sleep and sloughing off of skin issues [everything from eczema to psoriasis from our customer reports].

ICO Bath


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ICE Intensive Care ICO 12oz Bath

Our 12 oz bottle of Instant 02 Electrolytes address just about any acute or chronic ailment, all within even just one bath. But we recommend one every other day for addressing any of the variety of chronic ailments, from autoimmune diseases, to cancer, to anything in between. Give yourself an unforgettable, exhilarating experience. Slip an ounce or two into a warm bath, luxuriate, exfoliate, and divest yourself from diagnoses. Many people report they feel a runner’s high with our breathtaking bath. We love the satiating side effects as you can tell, it’s the only type of side effect we like to give and receive, a side, nice surprise. Added tidbit:  many people lately are having dysautonomia symptoms, either from long haul covid or Post any of the “V” routes of our time. Therefore, we recommend taking a full glass of water or juice with our 02 Electrolyte Drops (5-10 drops) into the bath with you to have on hand as the body flushes toxins out, there can be fluctuations in heart rate and 02 levels while the body works on clearing the toxins.  The more toxins one has the more fluctuations may be seen, this is normal but to ameliorate any discomfort, please have the 02 infused water on hand.