Health Mentoring. For You and Your Family. Now.

Did you ever wish there was a way you can get ALL your questions answered that pop up throughout your healing journey? We provide real-time answers to the questions that pop up throughout your healing process. Do you want the best compact input and suggested solutions within seconds to help you decide what options you may not know for your own urgent healing? We give tailored recommendations so you can evaluate solutions quickly.

For immediate, time sensitive assistance, book one of our emergency sessions. The Live Discovery Mentoring Session and the Live Individual Mentoring Session have a waitlist and are not for time sensitive mentoring.

LIVE Discovery MENTORING Session



15- 30 minutes phone or zoom

2 weeks advance booking.

The Live Discovery Mentoring Session provides an introductory call to assess your health goals and gather information to guide your next steps. This is not for urgent or time-sensitive issues. Many Sufi911 customers or potential customers use this session to gain more knowledge about using Sufi911 products.

Book this 30 minute discovery session 2 weeks in advance to meet with us.

LIVE Individual MENTORING Session



1 hour phone or zoom

2 weeks advance booking.

The Live Individual Mentoring Session provides ongoing health mentoring support. This is not for emergency or time-sensitive issues.
Book this 1 hour individual session 2 weeks in advance for in-depth wellness mentoring tailored to your needs. Schedule sessions as often as needed to establish a consistent mentoring relationship with us.
Dive deeper into your health goals and get personalized guidance for your situation and lifestyle.
We will make evidence-based recommendations to help you on your journey toward improved wellbeing.




1 hour phone or zoom

booking within 12 hours

Any time you need an immediate response from us, you can book an Emergency Session. These sessions are for in-depth, time-sensitive health mentoring and can be scheduled whenever you require urgent guidance.

Emergency Sessions allow you to get real-time support within 12 hours, unlike the 2 week advance booking required for regular mentoring. Use these for pressing health questions or issues that require a prompt consultation.

The Emergency Sessions can be utilized on their own or in addition to recurring mentoring sessions. Get tailored recommendations rapidly when every moment counts.