We have even seen this protocol even overcome various types of heart disease, reduce severe allergies and even clear cancer, bringing symptomatic relief at least by 50-80%. Still, we highly recommend adding the Hole Healing Protocol especially for cancer as it almost always needs supplementary teaching/tweaking and very regular consistent follow up care. 


We can also report that those that took our protocols were able to at the very least lessen the severity of the symptoms and many who were able to avoid and or be discharged from the Emergency Room after using our protocols, by God’s Grace. So far we have seen only successes post protocol and we pray they continue to critical mass as ultimately we want to stop the suffering en masse. 

We are blessed to report that we have seen our 3 pronged combination not found anywhere else in the world, producing better and faster results from those suffering post vax than with any other intervention we have seen.

We are excited to present to you that we do not need to wait and wallow for the future to unfold, to find out how we can possibly save millions from “side diseases” ex post vax.  We have the future of freedom right before us. We have not lost anyone that has come to us for help whether they landed in ER post vax or not, by immediate intervention of our protocols.  (and that have implemented the protocol exactly as we have instructed from our Hole Healing). Thank God for His ultimate Grace and Blessings pouring on us.

It is usually the difference between success and frustration because of the chronic needs of the cancer patient.  We can not list all the ailments or diseases this protocol will heal but we can tell you it usually hits most everything, even the heavy hitter diseases out of the ballpark, by God’s Grace.

DeVAX is very successful for post vaccine (c19 and/or any other vaccine) damage healing.

Although we do not know if there can be complete healing from severe toxicity, we have seen functional healing and repair from those that were severely afflicted with side diseases post vaccination (regardless of causation- for anyone that wants to debate them, we are not here to debate but to educate on what works for all healing and suffering).

By purchasing our unique protocol remedy instructional—you can help yourself to healing and clearing yourself from just about any ailment, at least to a functional level.

Please note there is no tangible product or item with our Passport purchase, we direct you to the synergistic combination we discovered for healing, which total less than $100.