Ultra pure water in a proprietary blend of bio absorbable 02 compounds and nacl, mg, ca and k mineral electrolytes.

Additional uses for 02 Electrolyte Drops

CAUTION:  EYE damaging irritant without proper dilution, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN
DO NOT EXCEED 1 drop per pound of body weight in a single day.
DO NOT INGEST directly without dilution, may cause inflammatory response, ALWAYS DILUTE

Can be ingested by all ages, oxygen mineral bound compound electrolytes of Ca, Na, Mg, K

Maintenance use:
5 drops in 1-4 oz water on empty stomach or before bedtime

Therapeutic use: 
Increase dose up to 12 drops in 12 oz water or juice/2-5x/day away from food

Oral Health: 
2 drops to Tablespoon water, Swish in mouth to clean gums.
Therapeutic Use:  10 drops to 1 oz water.

Water Floss Device:  1 drop/ ounce water

Sinus Rinse:  1 drop/1 oz water

6 drops/ 1 oz water
OR 1 tsp per 6 oz water

Inhalation therapy:
Dilute 1 teaspoon per 6 oz water, use this for mist, vaporizer or humidifier
Therapeutic Dose: 6 drops per 1 oz water

CPAP/BPAP:  1 drop/ 1 oz distilled water

Fruit/Vegetable Wash:

20 drops/gallon water, no post rinse required