We have just launched our updated protocols — they are called Passports.

We have spent millions of dollars and 15 years of research testing almost every product known and unknown and therapeutic machines from the very exclusive inaccessible to the accessible from Rife to Scalar, from mms to msm from the low end products to the high end, and everything in between.

We have sifted through the almost unscalable options, to bring you the best options that work for the majority, for the least amount. We pass those those savings on to you with our innovative Passports.

Just like any passport, as we are subject to more rules and regulations ( a change of toxins and environment) we may need to update our Passport Protocol in which case we will alert those who are in our database to please take note and repurchase the new Passports so you are not left behind on this journey to heal yourself and be ahead of others in your search for optimal health.  God Speed!