Covid Clear Passport


SELF-SERVICE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD includes membership and special edition ebook


COVID CLEAR PASSPORT will direct you how to clear the virus from your vessel in the shortest timeframe we have seen compared to any other route, allopathic or holistic, quite often even with the first dose.

By purchasing our unique protocol remedy instructional—you can help yourself to healing and clearing yourself from the virus. Please note there is no tangible product or item with this purchase, we direct you to the combination of product[s] to purchase—these products will total less than $100.  This dosing protocol has been tested for over a year with complete success, by God’s Grace, for everyone that followed our directions whether containing mild or severe symptoms.


Pain Free Passport


SELF-SERVICE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD includes membership and special edition ebook


We can’t address chronic ailments without addressing pain, holistically of course, especially considering the opioid crisis.  Just to search the globe for the best pain relief options in the world we have spent a bulk of the millions here, from laser to micro current, from ultra sound to ultra beams, we’ve seen and spent every last dime on this valiant effort to bring you the best pain relief without the harm nor addiction.  We bring it to you in this Passport to Pain relief, again directing you to the best product(s) in the world which just happen to be under or around $100.


DeTOX/DeVAX Passport


SELF-SERVICE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD includes membership and special edition ebook


Our DeTOX/DeVAX PASSPORT will direct you how to radically heal most heavy ailments from asthma to allergies to autism, will allow you to deal with the likes of diabetes(even Type 1) and diabolical side diseases post toxic exposure, bringing the afflicted to at least a functional level. More Information

Hole Healing Transport LIVE GROUP MENTORING

$999 / month

LIVE HEALTH MENTORING includes membership and special edition ebook

For our full white glove experience, we HIGHLY recommend you sign up for our LIVE MONTHLY HEALTH MENTORING GROUP CALLS. We will not give up on you until you reach your goal. Our Hole Healing Transport teaching/tweaking insures you have full LIVE four hours support, every month. We guarantee you will feel better, more functional, and return you to yourself, full results otherwise a refund. More Information




For emergency situations. Immediate input of urgent questions, needs. Guaranteed direct return phone call response within three hours.

Your time is precious. Every second becomes precious and prescient in the middle of a crisis and even more so when it’s a health crisis. Do you want the best compact input and suggested solutions within seconds to help you decide what options you may not know for your own urgent healing? Then our prompt individual emergency session is for you. Not available anywhere else in the world, we offer this service to you to fulfill the emergent needs of mysterious symptoms and quick decisions that need to be made in the moment, without bearing the burden alone. Most of us clam up during times when we need to make the best decisions for ourselves or our loved ones critical care. We’re here to get you through those times, by presenting the best options on a platter of the most potent immediate solutions.


$4999 / month


Individual monthly intensive health mentoring by phone, text, and email.

Did you ever wish there was a way you can get ALL your questions answered that pop up throughout your healing journey?

And not just being pointed to the pills to take? Our personal, practically hand held service is revolutionary and allows us to give our full attention to you to make sure you get to your destination—disease free and whole health, God willing.