Snake Skin Hands Healed – result from the field (with pictures)

I used a gallon of cream on these hands without any alleviation from the extremely DRY, beyond FLAKY skin which mysteriously appeared over my arms and hands for over 3 months. My husband would reel back astonished as my normal skin is very soft, so this was perhaps exposure to whatever the V in Covid is? I tried everything to get them to heal. Actually my entire arms and hands were cracked and bleeding so it was much worse than this a few weeks before I took this picture. This picture was after a few days of starting the sufi911 protocol. Anyway, within two weeks of their protocol, thank God, they were healed.

Sufi911 note:  Dr. Bryan Ardis and other doctors have reported the Snake Skin type Shedding during the course of these Post V strange symptoms we have been collectively encountering. We also have another successful testimonial that was even more stark then this, on a woman’s face, but no pics as of yet [understandably] we will keep you posted when/if we get those.